The Superior Difference

Aluminum Decks & Railing Engineered to Meet the Demands of Multi-Family Application

Why Superior Aluminum Decks & Railings?

The word superior is defined as higher in rank, status, or quality. It is a word that can’t be given, it must be earned. Each day, Superior Aluminum Decks & Railings works to meet the standards associated with the word superior by delivering high-end aluminum deck and railing solutions to owners, contractors, and installers. Utilizing our innovative approach, we provide the following: 

Superior Design

We manufacture our aluminum products with heavy-duty tubes and these special extrusions allow for a long-lasting system that spans over a considerably larger area. 

Superior Versatility

Our aluminum deck systems are not welded. Instead, they are mechanically fastened using nuts, bolts and screws to allow for easy field modifications.

Superior On-Time Delivery

Deck systems are assembled, stored, and ready to ship within 90 days of contract. To ensure no project setbacks, our manufacturing facility has dedicated space to store 2,000+ decks.

Superior Packaging

Our decks are packaged with order of installation in mind. Each deck is clearly marked to ensure minimal sorting and assembly time.

Superior Service

On every job site, we have our deck system materials on hand to address project alterations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Superior Selection

We offer three standard colors, as well as a wide variety of custom color options for our aluminum deck and railing systems to meet any multi-family application.

Superior Quality Control

To ensure seamless deck and railing installations, our project managers provide expert project assessment and field measuring.

Your Full-Service Team

Not only are we leading aluminum deck and railing manufacturers, we provide professional installation of all our products if you are local to Minnesota. We know our products like the back of our hand and deliver a fast installation process with minimized equipment fees. Our skilled construction professionals have years of experience in the industry and provide direct communication throughout the entire application process. 

Superior Location

See the Difference with Superior

At Superior, we partner with contractors and installers to ensure a hassle-free project. Our premium aluminum products are designed and manufactured to your customer’s exact specifications for a simple multi-residential application process, free of costly project setbacks.