About Superior Aluminum Decks & Railings

It All Started with a Problem

Our founder, Mike Staples, owns the largest wood framing company in the Twin Cities.  Their market is the large multi-family projects where the aluminum hanging decks dominate.

In recent years, it had become nearly impossible to have the aluminum products arrive on time without mistakes. This imposed considerable expense to the general contractor and the installers, due to the interruption of installation and re-mobilization. 

As this problem became increasingly worse, Mike was asked by several contractors “why don’t you start an aluminum deck company, so we have somebody we can count on”. 

The Solution

In 2018, Mike established Superior Aluminum Decks & Railings to change the way that decks were made, measured and delivered.  We design, engineer, and field measure to ensure that the decks we make, fit the building. 

With over 50 years experience in the industry, and with Mike having installed over 3,000 decks personally, Superior Decks fully understands what is needed to have well satisfied owners, general contractors, and field installers. 

We use aluminum rods and clevises on our decks so that the owner doesn’t have rusted rod ends a year later. 

We field measure, then build and store our decks two months ahead of time so they’re ready for shipment when the general contractor wants them. 

As well, we package the decks with the installer in mind.  Each deck is numbered according to the unit.  All decks on a pallet are for the same “stack”, meaning units 101, 201, 301, 401.  This way the installer only opens one pallet to find the ones he needs to set.

Our 50 years of field experience brings together the needs of the owner, contractor, and installer for a successful aluminum deck experience.

Partner with a Superior Team

Superior Aluminum Decks & Railings provide high-grade aluminum solutions that meet the quality standards and code requirements for today’s demanding market. Designed specifically for multi-family installation, we bring your customer’s architectural vision to life.